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March 2012

Posted: March 17, 2012 4:30 pm

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Events and Engagements


Date: 03/16/2012
Topic: The Stakeholders in a Minor’s Estate
Sponsor: Peck Bloom
Location/Time: East Bank Club, 500 North Kingsbury Street, Chicago, IL 60654-5799
Contact/Registration: Cameron DeGuerre, 312 201 0900 or email

Date: 03/20/2012
Topic: Family Conflict Around Parent Care in an Aging Population: From Mediation to Litigation
Sponsor: Belmont Village
Location/Time: Belmont Village, Oak Park, 1035 Madison St. Oak Park, IL 60302/ 8:00am-9:30am
Contact/Registration: Patricia Porter or email
CEU: 1

Colicky Dementia
Shay Jacobson, RN, MA, MCG
Dementia is a term that brings to mind a pleasantly confused, grandmotherly figure — sweet, gentle and easily re-directable. Adult children believe and trust that mom will only exhibit her most endearing qualities, be socially appropriate, and docilely follow the directions of her caregivers. But what happens when an already misfiring mind responds chaotically to the world around it, veering drastically from the peaceful path? Extended Article

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What to Do After a Death in the Family
Stephen M. Sutera
Lifecare Innovations, Inc., is pleased to present the following article developed by attorney Stephen M. Sutera. Mr. Sutera practices in the areas of Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Asset Protection, Special Needs Planning, Pet Trusts, Probate and Estate Administration, Elder Law/Medicaid Planning and Veteran’s Benefits. He originally published this article on his own blog. The succinct approach and suggested timelines for tasks that follow the death of a family member make this an excellent checklist and a valuable tool for those contending with a loss. Extended Article

© Stephen M. Sutera

Lifecare Innovations Wins Annual Award for Business Excellence

The Daily Herald Business Ledger has selected Lifecare Innovations, Inc., as a 2012 recipient of the Annual Award for Business Excellence. The AABE awards are given for business achievement, growth and community involvement, and are presented to “outstanding suburban companies, business and nonprofit organizations and honor the people who make them successful”, per the Daily Herald Business Ledger’s own description. Extended Article

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Beginning the Conversation:
Lifecare Innovations Adds Interactive Elements to its Website
In an ongoing effort to be a reliable resource for our clients and referral sources and to offer new ways to access help, Lifecare Innovations has recently upgraded its website to feature interactive elements.
Visit our new “Ask an Expert” page, where any visitor is welcome to submit a confidential question to us for review and response from one of our clinical, property or guardianship experts. This feature will assist in serving those who view our website after hours and cannot necessarily call with questions during the work day. This tool is just another way to begin a conversation wherein problems can be solved and appropriate resources discovered.
Ask an Expert

Extended Article


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