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May 2012.

Posted: May 15, 2012 7:37 pm

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Events and Engagements 

Date: 05/24/2012
Topic: The Mental Health Spin
Sponsor: Belmont Village at Geneva Road
Location/Time: Belmont Village of Geneva Road, 545 Belmont Lane, Carol Stream, IL 60188/ 8:30am-9:30am
Contact/Registration: Kerry Carney, or email
CEU: 1

Date: 06/12/2012
Topic: Lifecare Plans, The Other Half of Every Estate
Sponsor: Sutera Law
Location/Time: Benedictine University, 5700 College Road, Lisle, IL 60532/ 6:30pm-7:30pm
Contact/Registration: Jen Velderman, or email

May is National Geriatric Care Manager Month.  Lifecare Innovations would like to take this opportunity to honor our extremely effective staff of Lifecare Managers, who enhance the lives of not just geriatric clients, but also countless younger individuals who cope daily with mental illness, developmental disabilities and the effects of traumatic injury.     

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A Welcome Diversion

By Shay Jacobson, RN, MA, NMG, Patricia Cline, LCSW, CASWCM, NCG and Martha Kern

George was in luck. He boarded the train to go visit his Mom in the nursing home when a bit of good fortune presented itself to him like a dollar bill on the sidewalk. There, a few seats up, was a ticket someone had left behind. George had not yet purchased a ticket, so this was like winning a small prize.

George walked over to the empty seat and took the abandoned ticket.

And then he was arrested. Extended Article

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Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Jurisdiction Act 

By Kerry R. Peck

Reprinted with the kind permission of the CBA Record and the author, Attorney Kerry Peck, this article examines the “Granny Snatching” phenomenon, in which out-of-state parties (frequently adult children of the ward) remove the respondent from the state, often with the intention of financially exploiting them.   The Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Jurisdiction Act was designed to eliminate the multi-state jurisdictional issues that result, as expertly explained herein by Mr. Peck.   Extended Article

Stabilizing Chaos with a Life Coach

 A Case Study Featuring the Surround Care™ ModelM. is a 49-year-old male.  He is currently residing independently in an apartment in Chicago.  Lifecare Innovations, Inc. (LCI) has been providing Lifecare Management services to M. since July 2007.  M. has a developmental disability and also appears to have a significant history of depression and anxiety.  Previously, M. managed to live in the community and manage his own affairs.  He was employed as a janitor for over 25 years, was married, drove independently, and ran a household.  His now deceased father provided him with the monitoring and direction he needed to maintain his quality of life.  This “coaching” he received from his father was essential in his ability to be successful in the community.   Extended Article

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