Lifecare Innovations Special Issue: Life Care Planning

Posted: December 4, 2012 5:22 pm

Lifecare Innovations is pleased to offer this Special Issue of our monthly newsletter, entirely dedicated to
Life Care Planning, an invaluable tool in instances where the cost of care, both now and going forward, must be calculated to settle a Personal Injury case, plan care for an individual recently diagnosed with a progressive illness, or plot the future of a person with special needs.

Lifecare Innovations staff has been sought by prominent Chicago area attorneys and Trust Advisers and has developed Life Care plans that have led to successful financial settlements in the personal injury and probate court systems. Our staff of professionals is uniquely qualified to provide this comprehensive plan for you. Employing the finest medical, mental health, geriatric and special needs Social Workers, Nurses and Mental Health Professionals, and coordinating efforts with the Chicago area’s most renowned legal and financial professionals, Lifecare Innovations can access and manage a fluid plan no matter what the application: For a special needs child, for an adult disabled by mental illness, for a person of any age crippled by an unfortunate accident, and for an elder concerned about outliving their personal finances. 

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An Introduction to LCI Life Care Plans from Tom Woodrow, Holland & Knight 

As a partner at Holland & Knight, LLP in Chicago, I represent manufacturers locally and nationally in complex product liability litigation. Many of our cases involve complicated personal injuries and damages claims with significant and disputed future medical treatment and funding issues. Continue Reading

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Five Years at a Time: A Special Needs Case Study and Life Care Plan 

Gracie, profoundly developmentally delayed with spastic quadriplegia, cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder, was nineteen years old when Lifecare Innovations was first contacted to provide for a five year plan detailing her care and expenses. Gracie had outgrown her initial life care plan, completed by another third party source, given its general language and application. Since the initial plan had been developed, many major life changes had occurred in Gracie’s life. Continue Reading

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Case Study: A Life Care Plan for a Young Adult Personal Injury

“I wanted you to know that we were able to settle the case for $2,370,000. Your report definitely helped to set the tone in the mediation. Thank you for your efforts.” (Personal Injury Attorney) 

In the settlement referenced above, the injured party, Ryan*, was an active teenager at the time of his injury. He was engaged in innocent rough-housing while attending a party at a friend’s home and tragically fell, essentially breaking his neck. Continue Reading

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Life Care Planning with a Twist: A Case Study of Special Needs

Doug is a 59 year old adult who is dependent upon his parents of advancing age for assistance with the majority of life’s key activities. His parents are his sole source of support in these key spheres: socialization, money management, household maintenance and vocational coaching. Doug has had indications of a learning disability and compulsive hoarding tendencies throughout his youth and adult life. Continue Reading

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