Lifecare Innovations Newsletter
April 2013

Posted: May 3, 2013 3:43 pm


Lifecare Innovations Newsletter for

April 2013


Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Events and Engagements

Date: 5/2/13

Topic: Emergency! How to Re-route Frequent Flyers Who Chronically Depend on 911 for Non-Emergency Care

Sponsor: Sunrise Senior Living  

Location/Time:Centegra Hospital, 3701 Doty Road, Woodstock, IL/12:00-1:00pm

Contact/Registration: email


Date: 5/7/13

Topic: When Stuff Takes Over: The Hoarding Dilemma

Sponsor: IRA Annual Conference  

Location/Time:Eagle Ridge Resort, 444 Eagle Drive, Galena, IL/11:15-12:45pm

Contact/Registration: email


You can see our full lecture schedule here or choose a topic for your next CEU event 


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A Moving Experience: A Special Boy on a Singular Journey     


Shay Jacobson, RN MA NMG

Martha Kern

Carly Mikkila


Most of us remember at least one occasion in childhood when we were the “new kid”. In this almost universal childhood story, there is a crazy casserole of new house, new room, new school, new teacher, new friends, and the unsettled feeling of not quite knowing where we belong.


These stressors were hard to measure in nine-year-old Kyle’s case. He cannot speak and can hear only a little out of one ear. His vision is poor. Walking is difficult for him and his muscles are weak. An accident at birth triggered for him a diagnosis of hypotonic cerebral palsy, which made moving from room to room difficult and moving from home to home exceptionally complex.


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Lifecare Innovations and Senior Star at Weber Place
Pilot “Ask the Expert” Program


Tuesday, April 30 will mark the first day of an innovative new program called “Ask the Expert”.  Where countless senior communities offer weekly banking services, beauty salon access and podiatric services, few, if any, offer another kind of consultative service residents and prospects truly need – advice and advocacy from a licensed, clinical social worker with a wealth of experience in solving problems.


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Picture This: Photos from the Chicago Bar Association Luncheon Honoring Judge James F. Holderman


It was our great privilege to attend the Chicago Bar Association luncheon as guests of the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education on April 5. The luncheon was held in honor of Judge James F. Holderman, Chief Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, and took place at The Standard Club in Chicago.

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