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Special Guardianship Issue

Posted: June 28, 2013 2:14 pm





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Special Issue:



Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Events and Engagements

Date: 7/12/13

Topic: Thirty Days and Counting: How Do the Medicare Readmission Issues Affect You?/Transitional Care: Managing the Crossroads

Sponsor: Riveredge Hospital   

Location/Time:8311 W. Roosevelt Rd., Forest Park, IL/8:30-11:00AM

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Date: 7/17/13

Topic: When Stuff Takes Over a Life: The Hoarding Dilemma

Sponsor: Arden Courts of Palos Heights    

Location/Time:788 W. College Dr., Palos Heights, IL/8:30-10:00AM

Contact/Registration: email


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Everybody Has a Plan, So Why is There Guardianship?  



Shay Jacobson, RN, MA, NMG



In a perfect world, everyone would have a plan, and every part of it would come into effective play as we age and become less able to manage our own affairs. Those who are named as Trustees and Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Property would be alive, well, and ready to serve at the appointed time.   


Real life can, however, offer some exceptions to this ideal. Sometimes the family members or friends designated to oversee our affairs are encountering health problems of their own, at precisely the time we need them. Occasionally, they pass away before we do. In some terrible instances, they will take our money and use it as their own. And, surprisingly, many people arrive at old age without ever having made a plan.


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The Serious Consequences of “Casual Care”: 

How Loose, Informal Care Arrangements Can Lead to Plan Derailment


Shay Jacobson, RN, MA, NMG 

Martha Kern


Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.  


But what about cases where the plan is carefully developed, well managed, and equipped with safeguards to prevent derailment? We like to believe our best-laid plans culminate in happy outcomes, and often, they do.


Any plan can and will fail, however, particularly when vulnerability intersects with exploitation.


Caution: When an individual is vulnerable, “casual care” can lead to disastrous results.


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Schedule a Guardianship Workshop Today



Lifecare Guardianship is offering special workshops outlining the parameters of decisional capacity, the fundamentals of petitioning for guardianship and practical steps for initiating this process. Designed for both small and large groups, these sessions can be tailored to fit the specific guardianship concerns and situations encountered by your staff members. LCG’s workshops are particularly useful for those whose practices put them in contact with individuals who may need a guardian, but who don’t necessarily know how to recognize the indicators and move the case forward. Several independent and assisted living communities have already benefited from this education, as have staffs and departments in municipal, professional and clinical environments.


Lifecare Guardianship has on its staff two National Master Guardians who are happy to share their expertise and effectively demystify the realm of guardianship. Bring your questions and your case scenarios, and we will do our best to render this subject approachable and give your office a go-to resource when guardianship issues and questions arise.


To schedule a workshop at your office or as a CEU topic for a larger group, please contact Martha Kern at 630-953-2154 or We offer CEUs for nurses, social workers and nursing home administrators.


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