January 2014: Update on Medicare Readmissions

Posted: March 31, 2014 3:39 pm
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Lifecare Innovations Brings
Premier Advocacy to a
National Audience


Lifecare Innovations, Inc., a leading Chicago-area provider of services for individuals needing assistance in managing day-to-day life, has partnered with a national entity and is taking its unique model to a nationwide audience.

Offices will be opened in select cities across the country. The first of these will be in Lake County, Illinois, and will be dedicated specifically to serving the northern suburbs of Chicago.


National expansion is reflective of the company’s notable growth and success over the past 15 years. The new offices will be fully staffed by clinical professionals who deliver expert services to clients of all ages.



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Thirty Days and Counting:
How Do the Medicare Readmission Rules Affect You?
By:  Martha Kern
Shay Jacobson, RN, MA, NMG, LNCC
Early in 2013, we published this article covering the many changes to Medicare already underway as the Affordable Care Act unfolded. Since that time, we’ve spoken widely on this topic and diligently followed the many additional changes that have occurred, particularly as the private sector responds to the new model of healthcare introduced by the ACA. Read on to learn about several new developments in the Medicare push to reduce re-admissions, and some of the less favorable ways Medicare recipients are being affected.

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Rough and Tumble: 
A Teenager’s Catastrophic Injury and  
the Life Care Plan that Helped Secure Funds for Care


A Case Study


The injured party, Ryan*, was an active teenager at the time of his injury.  He was engaged in innocent rough-housing while attending a party at a friend’s home and tragically fell, essentially breaking his neck.


The spinal cord injury he sustained rendered him a quadriplegic who will now be lifelong in a wheelchair and dependent upon others for help.  With no voluntary control over his bladder or bowels, Ryan requires catheterization daily and a complex bowel program involving the assistance of another person.
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