The experienced team at Lifecare Innovations has a great deal of insight and information to share, and we want to be a resource for you. Our experts are happy to answer your questions and look forward to furnishing the kind of input that solves problems and improves outcomes. Please enter your question below and we will respond via email; if you prefer a telephone call, simply give us your daytime contact information in the body of your email.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of questions we are often asked:

  • How does guardianship work and when is it appropriate?
  • How can I convince my parents to accept some help at home?
  • Can your Clinical Mediators solve a problem in my family? How does the process work?
  • My mother has Alzheimer’s disease – can she still sign a Power of Attorney form?
  • What can I do if I suspect a member of my family is exploiting my grandmother?
  • My children are pressuring me to move to an assisted living facility. Is it safe for me to stay at home, and are there services I can get at home instead of moving?
  • There is a hoarder in my family. What can we do to turn this situation around?
  • I have a client who lives alone and does not seem to be doing very well. What sort of guidance might we get from an assessment?
  • I live out of state and am a little worried that my mother’s caregiver does not actually do all the tasks we ask her to do. My mother loves her and relies on her. How can we check on the caregiver without rocking the boat for my mother?
  • My father was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and we’re not sure what to expect. Can you tell us more about the kind of care he will need and how much it will cost?
  • Do you know a good estate planning attorney in my county?

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