Community Presentations & Continuing Education

Lifecare Innovations has been committed to education from its inception.  Our staff are experts in the field, finding creative solutions and interventions for the most complex of  challenges that face the frail elderly, disabled, clients with mental illness, and clients with hoarding issues to name only a few.  The company  is prolific in authorship as well as educational programs.  We believe in our own education as well and sharing our knowledge as can be seen by population specific advanced certifications, advanced educational degrees, and participation and attendance at  National Educational Programs

Our clients know that we are on the cutting edge of the profession, defining standards for the industry.

Our goal is to educate the lay and professional community to improve the care and quality of life of clients facing life challenges due to their disabilities.  Topics range from Professional Boundaries to Decisional Capacity.  Our staff has a wealth of experience, education and expertise that match today’s issues.  We pride ourselves in our cultural diversity and ability to address issues that are unique to specific populations. 

Lifecare Guardianship, Inc. is an Illinois licensed CEU Sponsor for Nurses, Social Workers and Nursing Home Administrators. 

Lifecare Innovations provides exceptional presentations to organizations and communities.  Our educational courses provide a list of topics that have been developed to meet the educational needs of professional groups as well as community organizations.