Ben Neiburger, JD, CPA
Generation Law


In my work with clients putting estate plans in place, determining their future expenses can be devilishly difficult.

We have to consider and plan for a wide range of life possibilities, estimating the costs of those scenarios and measuring them against the client’s resources.

The tricky part comes from planning for contingencies around surprises and other unknown variables. Will my client live a long life free of illness and disease? Or will they come down with a life-threatening illness early in their retirement years? Similarly, how should an estate plan be structured to deal with such unknowns?

For such situations, we call on experts to assist us with the financial vagaries of the future. At Generation Law, we work with Lifecare Innovations. They run a Cost Projection and develop a spreadsheet analysis of possible client needs over time and the probable cost of those needs.

With their analysis in hand, we then work with our client to ensure that their resources are well structured allowing for all possible contingencies.

Of course part of the planning process includes putting powers of attorney and strategic directives in place to ensure that the wishes of the client for any care are executed to their specifications, taking such potentially problematic issues out of the hands of well-meaning family members.

Lifecare Innovations’ Cost Projections are one of the tools we bring into play for our clients.