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LCI is on the cutting edge of the profession, defining standards for the industry. Our seasoned practitioners share their expertise through seminars, authorships and media appearances. They are comprised of Nurses, National Master Guardians, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Counselors. Our educators believe in the multidisciplinary approach and co-present with Attorneys, Physicians,  Accountants, Financial Planners and Bankers to provide you the best educational opportunity.


  • Senior Care in 2030: What Trends and Demographics Tell Us About the Future
  • My Life is a Struggle but I Don’t Want Help: Senior Resistance to Change and Care
  • The Senior Experience: What We Think It Is, What It Really Is and How We Can Make It Better
  • What’s Driving Hospital Readmissions: Is It the Care or is it the Customer?
  • The New DNR/POLST: The Real Deal on End-of-Life Wishes
  • Elder-on-Elder Abuse: The Truth About Senior Aggression
  • The Lone Senior: The Life and Death Effects of Social Isolation
  • Unmasked and Unsafe: The Hidden Perils of Discharge
  • The Dysfunctional Family: Providing Care in the Midst of Drama
  • The Line We Draw: Professional Boundaries with Vulnerable Populations
  • Guardianship: A Lifesaving Option When All Else has Failed
  • Looking for Friends in All the Wrong Places: The Fine Line Between Incompetence and Poor Judgement
  • The Game of Risk: Liability and the Challenging Client

Lifecare Guardianship, Inc. is an Illinois licensed CEU Sponsor for Social Workers Nurses, and Nursing Home Administrators.

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