Lisa is an 89-year-old female who had been living alone in her one bedroom apartment on the north side of Chicago. She was referred to Lifecare Innovations (LCI) by her attorney due to her increasing memory deficits and concerns for her safety in the community.  She has dementia with significant short- and long-term memory loss.  Lisa was an only child and, after her parents passed away, the only family she had was three second cousins with whom she had very little contact .  Lisa had the option to continue to live in her home with the assistance of a caregiver to help with safety, medication oversight, and all activities of daily living.  Lisa, however, had expressed a desire to leave her home of 35 years with the goal of moving to an assisted living facility.  LCI quickly developed a care plan that encompassed all of Lisa’s needs using our Surround Care™ model.  Surround Care™ allows for the development of a unique, multi-faceted plan that encompasses all of an individual’s care needs, essentially surrounding them with the services they need to remain safe and supported.

LCI assisted Lisa in touring several facilities prior to her move; she chose an assisted living facility on the north side of Chicago , an area she already considered “home”.  LCI assisted Lisa with her move and enlisted the assistance of Lifecare Home Solutions (LHS) to aid in the moving process.  Along with the moving of select furniture to her new “home”, LHS assisted Lisa’s Power of Attorney to inventory and liquidate the remainder of her personal property and then complete a final cleaning of her home in order that it could be made ready for market.  During the course of LHS’ work in the home, tens of thousands of dollars in uncashed checks and valuable jewelry were discovered. The monies were deposited into her trust account and managed, while the jewelry has been placed in a safety deposit box for safe keeping and disposition according to her final wishes in her Last Will and Testament.

Lisa’s Life Care Manager, assessing her overall needs and desires, knew she would also need additional assistance with her activities of daily living while living in the facility and provided her with a caregiver from LHS.  The caregiver’s hours grew from three days per week to five days with a result of successfully improving Lisa’s transition, increasing her socialization, decreasing isolation and depressive symptoms.  Along with her caregivers, Lisa has benefitted from animal assisted therapy with one of LCI’s certified animal therapists.  These visits provide her with additional social and emotional support and cognitive stimulation expressed through her positive engagement with the dogs. 

LCI continues to surround Lisa with care by providing Life Care Management services, monitoring her medical and cognitive status, monitoring the care provided at her facility, advocating as needed, and taking measures to improve her overall quality of life and well-being.  With the advocacy of LCI, utilizing the Surround Care™ approach over the course of four years, Lisa has been able to age in place at the residence of her choosing. Lisa has endured only two hospitalizations in this time; one for complications of glaucoma and one for gastrointestinal bleeding. Most recently, LCI, working with Lisa’s medical providers and Power of Attorney, has implemented hospice services to further embrace and care for her in the fashion that she deserves and which is “right sized” for her. 

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