Robert is a 52-year-old male.  He is reported to have a developmental disability which causes him to struggle with processing information, using appropriate social skills and understanding abstract concepts.  He also has a history of depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse.  Upon further assessment of his medical and psychiatric history, LCI discovered that Robert had also had acute psychotic episodes, had been treated for alcoholism and been diagnosed with schizophrenia many years prior. Given Robert’s clinical deficits, his relationship with his mother, his only living family member, was tenuous at best.

When Lifecare Innovations (LCI) first met Robert in the summer of 2007 he had been living independently in various apartments throughout Chicago for about 15 years. He also had a wife whom he had been separated from for two years.  Upon meeting Robert, his apartment was overwhelmed with tools and unused items, leaving no room to sit or sleep. Robert had turned his utilities and refrigerator off in an effort to save money.  His bathtub was filled with personal property and he had not bathed in months.  He had also not seen a physician in several years.  Given his hoarding behavior, Robert was facing the possibility of being evicted from his apartment.  LCI was hired by Robert’s mother due to concerns about his physical and emotional status as well as his inability to manage on his own.  LCI utilized a Surround Care™ approach, assessing the client’s needs and developing a customized set of services to meet them, to render Robert both safer and happier.

Lifecare Home Solutions (LHS) was hired, in conjunction with LCI, and began working with Robert to clean and organize his apartment using field-tested hoarding protocols. LCI met with Robert once a week to provide social, emotional and practical support while LHS worked with him on his apartment to maintain a clean and safe environment.  It took over a year to gradually winnow down Robert’s vast array of “collected” items and to win his trust in the process. LHS was successful in working with Robert to clean out his apartment, a full storage shed and to manage his hoarding behaviors; Robert’s Life Care Managers simultaneously worked to restore Robert’s social realm and involve him in other activities to reduce the likelihood of his return to hoarding behaviors.  Robert was very grateful for the efforts of LCI and LHS and continued to maintain his apartment in a safe and healthy manner for some time.

LCI was instrumental in assisting and supporting Robert through his divorce from his wife of eighteen years. They had been separated for five of the eighteen years and the court proceedings were very stressful and emotionally draining.  The divorce was finalized in March, 2011.  Hopeful and ready to start anew, Robert proceeded with life. However, despite weekly visits where socially appropriate modeling and life skills training were steadily provided, Robert continued to have difficulty living independently. He struggled to stay in any residence for more than one year due to inappropriate interactions with other tenants in his various apartment complexes.  His last place of residence asked that he not return after the expiration of his lease.  Robert began to display decreased coping skills with a return to and an increase in drinking, hospitalizations as a result of complications related to intoxication, weight loss and an inability to manage his finances independently.

LCI rallied to locate several alternatives for him including alternative apartments, supportive living facilities and group homes. LCI contacted a local group home due to the unique set of services that would allow Robert the independence he desired and the support that he needed.  The home had an opening and LCI worked swiftly for Robert to be accepted into the home.  LHS once again helped Robert with cleaning his apartment and moving him and his belongings to his new home.

The group home is great fit for Robert as the staff works therapeutically with him on improving his social skills and his understanding of abstract concepts.  The placement in this next least restrictive setting allows Robert’s estate to be spared the expenses of the intense oversight that his community living arrangement required. LCI continues to work together with Robert’s group home to provide Surround Care™ services to Robert that address all his needs including assistance in maintaining proper hygiene, learning to do his own laundry, maintaining a clean and safe living environment and room while addressing his hoarding behaviors, budgeting his allowance and improving his social skills and understanding of abstract concepts through education and encouragement.

Currently Robert remains stable and cooperative with all services being provided to him.  He is pleased with the progress that he has made and wishes to continue to grow in his accomplishments with the help of LCI, LHS and his group home staff.  Robert’s relationship with his mother is greatly improved, his estate has been saved countless dollars and Robert has been spared untold personal risk now that his living arrangement offers more support and structure, in combination with the right complement of Surround Care™ components. Robert has come a long way since he first started with LCI and he expresses his gratitude to LCI and all the Surround Care™ services provided to him often.  LCI will continue to provide these services to Robert and encourage him to maintain his current status and quality of life.

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