Fran was a promising physician, completing her residency with the highest honors and then landing a job in Seattle. Simultaneously, her father’s personal Alzheimer’s Tsunami began.  Fran’s father was gradually being swallowed up by the slow and progressive unraveling that is inevitable with Alzheimer’s Dementia. Sacrificing her career and her personal dreams, Fran moved back to the Midwest, heart in hand, to care for her ailing father. She cared and she cared and she cared….until her father succumbed to the illness that takes so many of our elders today. Reflecting on her life’s work and sacrifices, Fran filed a Custodial Claim in her father’s decedent’s estate within the Probate Court. After all, her other siblings did not help and she had set aside a lucrative and fulfilling career of her own to exclusively provide for his care and support. Her father would have otherwise been unable to afford the private duty care rates of the Chicago market and may have been subjected to a long term care placement under public assistance.

Fran retained Life Care Innovations to compile a Custodial Claim report for the Probate Court precisely outlining the responsibilities and duties she fulfilled for her father over his eight year battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Acting as a Care Manager and a personal care attendant simultaneously, Fran’s work and the diary she kept of her father’s condition and needs were impeccable. Using her diary, her father’s medical records and Life Care Innovations’ experience, a value was placed upon the care that Fran provided from the time the Tsunami struck through the time that the waters receded. The Custodial Claim Report documented by Life Care Innovations meets the standards for legal scrutiny and LCI is prepared to defend it in the court of law should Fran require it.  We eagerly await word on the outcome of Fran’s quest for remuneration.

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