At age seven, Joshua was far too young to have endured all he had. A tragic automobile accident had left him seriously injured and the sole survivor of a family of five. Alone and disabled, Joshua was cared for by his aunt who took him in with the understanding that he would need a great deal of nurturing and support. She also filed a lawsuit for damages as a result of the wrongful deaths of her extended family and the injuries that her nephew, Joshua, was left with.

Lifecare Innovations was called in by the defense attorneys after the plaintiff’s counsel presented a Life Care Plan to the tune of $20 million dollars for the care of Joshua throughout his lifetime. There was no argument on either side that Joshua had sustained lasting injuries, however the plan presented was neither practical nor consistent with the basic tenets of care provision well documented in standards of care; namely those of inclusion, least restrictive environment and personal choice.

Lifecare Innovations set off to develop a practical Life Care Plan for Joshua. Having the pleasure of meeting Joshua, assessing his needs and desires as well as those of his remaining family, Lifecare Innovations was able to put together an alternative Life Care Plan that met the tenets of personal choice, inclusion, least restrictive environment AND that passed legal scrutiny. As a result, Joshua’s personal injury case settled out of court with Joshua being awarded damages to reasonably meet his needs throughout his life time.

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