Doug is a 59-year-old adult, yet remains dependent upon his aging parents for assistance with the majority of life’s key activities.  In some of these spheres, they are his sole source of support: socialization, money management, household maintenance and vocational coaching. Doug has had indications of a learning disability and compulsive hoarding tendencies throughout his youth and adult life.

However, as with many children of his generation, he was never formally assessed or diagnosed. Instead, Doug’s parents took care of everything for him. They have been devout in their attention to their youngest son and now live in fear of the day that they will be unable provide him with the practical support that has enabled him to live independently with a high quality of life.

By referral of their own financial planner and estate planning attorney, Doug’s parents sought the assistance of Lifecare Innovations. In collaboration with these professionals, Doug and his entire family, Lifecare Innovations completed a comprehensive assessment in all domains. By reviewing his history, understanding his current level of support, evaluating his eligibility for benefits and forecasting his supportive care requirements, Lifecare Innovations was able to prepare a plan projecting the cost of Doug’s needs over the remainder of his lifetime.

As part of his elder parents’ estate plan, a special needs trust was drafted; a proportional value of their estate will be directed to it when they perish. Government entitlements were obtained for Doug, minimizing the need for costly private health insurance and out of pocket costs they had voluntarily been incurring on his behalf. Options for community versus facility based care were explored and a transition plan with identified supportive services and individuals was put into action.

The plan resulted in peace of mind for Doug and his parents, assuring them that he will be supported in the fashion they wished and to which he had grown accustomed.