Life Care Plan for Young Adult

The injured party, Ryan*, was an active teenager at the time of his injury.  He was engaged in innocent rough-housing while attending a party at a friend’s home and tragically fell, essentially breaking his neck.  The spinal cord injury he sustained rendered him a quadriplegic who will now be lifelong in a wheelchair and dependent upon others for help.  With no voluntary control over his bladder or bowels, Ryan requires catheterization daily and a complex bowel program involving the assistance of another person.  Having lost most use of his hands, Ryan underwent a surgery to restore partial hand function, but he will never be able to engage in making intricate woodcarvings or other art as he had so proudly been able to do; indeed that he had won awards for.  Because he was injured about a year prior to his high-school graduation, the injury, follow up surgeries, and necessary lengthy rehabilitation course sharply curtailed Ryan’s college plans. Read on

Balancing The Scales

At age seven, Joshua was far too young to have endured all he had. A tragic automobile accident had left him seriously injured and the sole survivor of a family of five. Alone and disabled, Joshua was cared for by his aunt who took him in with the understanding that he would need a great deal of nurturing and support. She also filed a lawsuit for damages as a result of the wrongful deaths of her extended family and the injuries that her nephew, Joshua, was left with. Read on