Medicare Set-Aside Consultation Services

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) operate under Federal Statutes. The statutes dictate that in workers’ compensation and liability litigation cases, Medicare’s interest must always be considered. Cases settling at review threshold levels are subject to Federal scrutiny for compliance.

Liability litigation is also addressed in Federal Statutes, however there is no review threshold in place to date. Still, settlements should always consider and protect Medicare’s interests.

Consideration of Medicare secondary payer (MSP) issues and completion of MSA allocation at the appropriate time benefits all parties. Generally, once a claimant is medically stable, it is time to complete an MSA.

Failure to consider and make efforts to protect Medicare’s interest can void settlements, even years afterward. Medicare can demand repayment and damages relating to improper payment. Plaintiffs and attorneys can be held personally liable and accountable.

Lifecare Innovations, already an industry leader in Life Care Planning and Litigation Support Services, has certified Medicare Set-Aside Consultants ready to ensure compliance with Federal Statutes. Most often, this brand of expertise is critical in settlements stemming from:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability

Lifecare Innovations Medicare Set-Aside Consultation Services encompass:

  • Comprehensive file review to determine if MSA allocation is necessary
  • MSP (Medicare secondary payer) compliance consultation
  • Social Security and Medicare Eligibility Review
  • Projection of future medical treatment plan, including prescription drug costs
  • Workers’ Compensation MSA (WCMSA) completion for threshold cases and for non-threshold cases
  • Liability MSA (LMSA)
  • Zero-allocation MSA
  • Submission of MSA to CMS
  • Flat-rate MSA pricing based upon file complexity

Lifecare Innovations Third-Party Administrator Services

Administration of an MSA can be complex and risky. Improper administration of an MSA places the beneficiary’s future Medicare payments at risk.

As a licensed, professional administrator, Lifecare Innovations eliminates the difficulty and risk often experienced with improper administration of an MSA. For a competitive, flat-rate fee, we safeguard ongoing Medicare entitlement.

Lifecare Innovations TPA Services include:

MSA account set-up, maintenance and reconciliation
Medical bill review and negotiation
Bill paying and compliance with MSP
Annual accountings

Call for a complimentary consultation with an MSA and TPA specialist, and ask about our other Litigation Support Service offerings: