Lifecare Home Solutions…Bringing Trust, Respect and Professionalism Home

Lifecare Home Solutions offers a comprehensive array of services for homes and small commercial properties. This niche market was developed due to the paucity of professional services for smaller properties that challenge the families, financial planners, and trust departments who are responsible for care and welfare of people with disabilities and issues of aging. One quickly discovers that when a person needs help in one area they also need help with their personal property. Take the 85-year-old gentleman who has owned a two flat for many years and has fallen and broken his hip. As the trust quickly moved forward to assure all the financial matters were in place they also found they needed to manage an apartment, tenants, and building repairs. There is a plethora of services for large property management situations but who will take care of just one house and do it with all the proper licensing, insurance and bonding needed to protect the estate? Who is available to do simple repairs and general maintenance that are a part of owning any piece of property? When left undone the property falls into disrepair, threatening the estate with safety issues and loss of value. 

Lifecare Home Solutions specializes in just such situations. We take care of the property as if it were our own, coordinating the basics from garbage collection, snowplowing, and lawn mowing to the more complex tasks of working with the city to remediate code violations. We work with general handymen who can do many of the repairs themselves and managers who coordinate more complex renovations.  We specialize in repairs, improvements, liquidations, clean-outs and other services, as required in a variety of situations. We are skilled in working with the clients as well as the property:

  • Watching homes when the client has extended periods of time where they are not in the home such as snowbirds leaving the homes for the winter, extended rehabilitation stays, or vacancy prior to a sale. 
  • Securing homes and personal property after a life event which has left the property unexpectedly vacant.
  • Coordination, packing, and moving a client when they need to downsize or move to a facility that provides care.
  • Preparing that same home for sale by arranging for appraisals, real estate listing agreements, and completing repair lists to prepare the home for the market.
  • Completing repair lists after inspections prior to sale of a property.
  • Managing smaller commercial properties that have tenants, addressing the repair issues, coordination of services, and rental needs.
  • Modification of homes to increase safety after an injury or fall.
  • Addressing code violations with cities when the property has fallen into disrepair or when the client has contributed items to the property that are a challenge to the community at large or violate public health regulations.
  • Arrangements for lawn care, snow removal and other household services when a homeowner can no longer perform these tasks independently.
  • Clean outs of homes where residents have faced the challenge of hoarding.
  • Assisting hoarders to reorganize their environment.
  • Management of personal property items including securing, inventories, and distribution.
  • Arranging for estate sales for personal property either on or off site dependent upon the situation.
  • Liquidation of larger items such as cars or boats.
  • Distribution of personal property according to wills or the guidance of the trust.
  • Managing contentious situations such as evictions and coordinating distribution events among difficult beneficiaries.

The property services offered by Lifecare Home Solutions center on two very fundamental things in people’s lives: their homes and their possessions. Few things are fraught with more emotion than the places we live and the treasures we collect within them. Lifecare Home Solutions staff members have thus learned to approach their tasks, which often focus on ridding a home of immense piles of collected items, with respect for the person(s) who amassed the personal property they are sorting, and for the stories and feelings that might surround the home in which they are working.

Lifecare Home Solutions follows policies and procedures developed by the company that cautiously protect the estate as well as the employees, such as two person protocols for all inventories, securing of cash and valuables off site as soon as discovered, and removal of firearms through qualified fob (fire arms bearing) services.  Securing of valuables and making environments safe are the two primary concerns with the initial two-person inspection of any property.  The company holds its own bonding to further protect the estates of our clients.  Most properties which we service have personal property as one of the key elements.  The home services team inventories every item in the house by documenting the property on paper and, importantly, pictorially. There is thus a visual record of a home’s contents, rendering it easier to find sentimental objects sought by the family of a departed loved one, identify valuables or to find key financial documents needed to move a person’s estate matters forward.  Lifecare Home Solutions will also alert the estate representative to any circumstances which could put them at risk in their decision-making capacity.

When liquidating an estate, Lifecare Home Solutions uses the services of professional personal property appraisers that are not affiliated with our company to ensure that no valuable item is overlooked and that the estate obtains maximum revenue to help pay bills or support the care of a living owner. We believe that it is essential that the appraiser and the purchaser are not one and the same to avoid any conflict of interest that could later cause difficulty for the estate authority. 

As a company, Lifecare Home Solutions has learned that houses and the personal property within them, no matter how cluttered or squalid they may be at the present moment, are important to someone. It is a privilege to have the responsibility of wrapping up estate matters on behalf of someone who has died, respectfully managing their belongings while they bring in necessary services, or easing the transition for a senior who has had to leave their house for a higher level of care.  We take great pride in our contribution to our client’s lives and the respect we offer them for their situation and their treasured memories within their home.