Lifecare Innovations Care ManagementThe Lifecare Innovations team has a desire to provide education and knowledge about many topics surrounding our mutual field of expertise.  Along with our educational series, with which we provide CE credit to nurses, social workers, and nursing home administrators, we are constantly researching the changes in the health care realm to provide insightful articles to share.

Within our publications you will see many helpful and informative articles written by experts who have had years of experience within the given field.  We write new articles almost every month in order to maintain a fresh outlook on the different topics we cover.

Our monthly newsletters offer new articles from our staff experts and from our professional partners.  Readers will also find our case studies provide real insight into the manner in which we work with clients, all of whose identities are protected to maintain complete privacy. You can also check out our new video section, which will provide viewings of different media outlets that we have been a part of.