The Adult Child/Aging Parent Relationship: Minefields, Misunderstandings and Methods for Improvement

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Age Segregation: Should Seniors Live Apart From the Rest of Us?

The Secrets They Keep: The Innermost Fears, Facts  And Feelings Seniors Don’t Share And How To Address Them

The Young And The Restless: Youthful Residents Housed In Senior Communities

Senior Care in 2030: What Trends and Demographics Tell Us About The Future

Standing Up for the Challenging Client: The Phenomenon of Involuntary Discharge

The Senior Experience: What We Think It Is, What It Really Is and How We Can Make It Better

My Life is a Struggle but I Don’t Want Help: Senior Resistance to Change and Care

Anatomy of a Hospital Readmission: A Perfect Storm of Age, Isolation and Multiple System Failures

What’s Driving Hospital Readmissions: Is It the Care or Is It the Customer?

Used and Abused: The Many Faces of Financial Exploitation

Bullied and Broken: The Truth About Senior-on-Senior Aggression

The New DNR/POLST: The Real Deal on End-of-Life Wishes

A Welcome Diversion

Unmasked and Unsafe: The Hidden Perils of Discharge

Revisions to the Illinois Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form

A Boy, His Sister and Down Syndrome

The Lone Senior: The Life and Death Effects of Social Isolation

Home for the Holidays: How are Mom and Dad Really Doing?

Healthcare Reform by the Numbers: Facts and Figures that Reflect a Changing Environment

Bundles in a Nutshell: A Short Overview of Medicare’s Bundled Payment Program

Medicare’s Pumpkin Rule:  What is it, Who’s Affected, and Why the American Hospital Association is Suing

Managing the Unmanageable:  Keeping the “Flagged” Diagnosis/High Risk Patients Out of the Hospital

Circling Schemers- Excerpt from “Alzheimer’s and the Law”

Colicky Dementia

It’s a Sign: How Your Clients are Showing You They Need More Help

Accountable Care Organizations: How Will they Affect the Health of Your Business?

Thirty Days and Counting: How Do the Medicare Readmission Rules Affect You?

Caregiver with a Badge: The Abuse of 911 Emergency Services to Fill Gaps in Care

Day Program and Residential Placement Options and Related Funding Issues

Medical and Nursing Care