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Prepared By:

Shay Jacobson, RN, MA, NMG
President & Expert Lifecare Manager

Patricia Cline, LCSW, C-ASWCM, NCG
Expert Lifecare Manager


John Doe is a 19-year-old man who sustained a spinal cord injury as a 16-year-old youth that
rendered him quadriplegic. John will turn 20 years old on Month 00, 2012. John sustained his
injury on January 10, 2009 when at a party wrestling with friends. A lawsuit is now pending
against some of the party attendees who are reported to have moved John’s body after he initially
fell. Medical expert reports indicate that the movement John sustained increased the extent and
severity of his injury and resultant disability.

John was living at home with his parents at the time of the injury and was in high school. He has
since graduated though continues to live at home with his parents and his younger sister who
serve as his primary practical and emotional supports. The effects of John’s disability
significantly impact his day to day routines currently and will profoundly impact his future
health, education, employment and personal life. As a result of his condition John is dependent
upon others for daily assistance, requires significant ongoing medical management, and requires
use of a wide array of adaptive equipment and personal supplies. Research and experts on spinal
cord injury concur that the specialized care that John requires will increase as he ages. John is
also at risk for medical complications for the remainder of his life.

Lifecare Innovations, Incorporated (LCI) was contacted and requested to complete a Life Care
Plan. This plan will detail John’s current status, identify significant issues and needs, and
provide cost data for the care that John will require over the remainder of his life. Information in
the Life Care Plan was obtained from: medical records tendered to LCI by attorney Clooney;
consultation with Dr. Doogie Howser, M.D.; consultation with Dr. Bill Cosby, M.D.; an inperson
clinical interview with the client, John Doe, in his home in Emerald City, Kansas; and
communications with John’s parents, Brad and Angelina Doe.

Lifecare Innovations was founded by its President, Shay Jacobson, as a company that creates and
executes plans of care for individuals with disabilities of all ages. Ms. Jacobson has an
expansive career in nursing prior to founding and operating LCI, and educational
accomplishments that include a Bachelors and Masters of Nursing as well as ongoing continuing
education. Lifecare Innovations is staffed with licensed clinical social workers, licensed clinical
professional counselors, registered nurses, and in addition maintains a medical advisor who is an
internationally known neurologist. Ms. Jacobson’s associate staff Patricia Cline has been an
employee of LCI for over ten years and has held increasingly responsible positions during her
tenure. Ms. Cline is a licensed clinical social worker in Illinois, credentialed social worker in
Wisconsin, and certified as an advanced social work case manager through the National
Association of Social Workers. She is also a Certified Guardian through the Center on
Guardianship Certification.

The LCI Life Care Plan is conceived with the goal of being workable in the real world and based
upon best clinical practices. In the authors’ extensive experience working with clients, families,
and treating physicians, it is most often the case that quality of life outweighs all other criteria
when families are making choices in regards to seeking, obtaining, and participating in care and
service provision for their loved ones. Accepted ethical and best practice principles including
primacy of self-determination, inclusion, least restrictive environment, cost effectiveness, and
strengths-based approaches are considered in construction of the Life Care Plan.

The costs represented in this plan are representative of retail costs in the current market. No
adjustments are made for inflation and thus the costs may be submitted to an economist for an
adjusted projection of the costs over the lifespan.

Actuarial reports were not made available for LCI review in conjunction with completion of the
Life Care Plan. Research was consulted to determine life expectancy for purposes of cost
calculations. It is noted that experts involved in research and care on the topic of spinal cord
injury (SCI) vary in their reports regarding how such injuries impact life expectancy. Overall
research concurs that life expectancy for persons with SCI has continued to rise with time,
though it remains below average. Many factors impact life expectancy of persons with SCI
including extent of injury, age at injury, and quality and extent of available ongoing care. With
consistent and high quality care, it is possible for individuals with SCI to experience a life
expectancy that is closer to approaching that of their non-injured peers. Currently available
research identifies life expectancy for John of between approximately 54.2 years of age and
59.01 years of age.

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