What is a Risk Assessment?

Caregivers help to keep our clients safe at home but they can also present some risk.

Caregivers who are hired privately, or who are family members, offer economy but are sometimes without the systems and protections that insulate them and those they serve from potential liability.

Caregivers unaffiliated with a home care agency may not be insured, may not have taxes deducted from their paychecks, and may not have suitable replacements to call upon when they need to take time off.  Many wish they had training and someone to consult about new challenges the client may be presenting.

As a licensed provider of home care services since 2008, Lifecare is well-versed on factors impacting safety and quality for home-based care.

A Risk Assessment will…

A risk assessment will help to identify potential issues and offer recommendations to improve care and reduce risk.  An experienced care manager will visit the home, interview the caregivers, and discuss with all concerned how day-to-day household funds are managed, the types of insurance in place, the presence of valuables in the home, and contingency plans should a caregiver not be able to come to work.  Environmental risks and safety equipment will also be evaluated, and care plans will be reviewed, as needed.

Families, fiduciaries, guardians and attorneys will…

Families, fiduciaries, guardians and attorneys will appreciate the resulting written report that documents areas of possible exposure and offers means by which to tighten up systems and minimize risk.

Lifecare Innovations can offer the following additional services, as needed or desired, for households employing private or family caregivers:

Feel free to send us an email with questions or to request a call about how a Risk Assessment might benefit your client or family.