“Ned” is a middle aged mentally impaired man who had been living alone in this home since his elderly parents passed away.  He was facing a multitude of issues. The local authorities had been called to investigate the smell coming from the house, but their efforts were unsuccessful as Ned refused to allow anyone inside.

Lifecare Innovations and the Lifecare Home Solutions team were hired by the bank trust to solve the complex problems of Ned and his environment. Merely cleaning up the home without providing a solution to the underlying problems would not have been sufficient to meet Ned’s ongoing needs.  So, while Lifecare Home Solutions worked to solve the environmental dilemmas, Lifecare Innovations developed a workable plan of care for the client.

Lifecare Home Solutions hired a subcontractor specializing in hazardous materials disposal to remove dumpster after dumpster of used paper products and human waste. Other rooms were filled with trash, groceries, and copious amounts of over the counter medications.  Lifecare Home Solutions cleaned this home out and kept the city from condemning it.  The home is now generating an income to provide funding for this gentleman’s future. Life Care Innovations staff continues to oversee Ned’s care plan to ensure his ongoing well being.

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