Jennifer Axelson, LCSW
Senior Lifecare Manager


When Jennifer Axelson read a job description for a position at Lifecare Innovations, she felt it might just be her calling. The ad asked for someone who could develop one-on-one connections with clients and advocate for them – not just from a physical and safety standpoint, but to ensure they felt the comfort, friendship, guidance and support that every human being deserves.

That was four years ago.

Now a Senior Lifecare Manager, Jennifer considers this her dream job. She explained, “Every day we get to act as someone’s hero because when people can no longer fight for themselves, we get to step in and protect them and advocate for them. We identify their needs and work tirelessly to assure those needs are being met.”

The position calls on all of Jennifer’s past experience and skillsets, including her strong understanding of medical information. Clients rely on her organized, detail-oriented mind to coordinate their complex medical needs.

Jennifer’s client advocacy is rooted in the company’s Surround Care™ approach, which she believes is the most meaningful, effective way to meet client needs. The approach takes into account every aspect of a client’s life, from safety, home environment and personal relationships to medications to quality of life.

She believes the company’s emphasis on teamwork is essential to fulfilling the Surround Care™ approach. With staff members hand-picked to ensure across-the-board expertise, information sharing and problem-solving is commonplace. “When the day is done, we all want what’s best for our clients,” she said.

Looking to the future, Jennifer sees Surround Care™ as a critical tool in coordinating care and preventing hospital readmissions both for our aging population or anyone with special needs. She stated, “I think the service we offer is going to be absolutely essential to helping people age in the same way they’ve always lived their lives – with hope, respect and dignity.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer wakes every morning looking forward to the day and never goes to bed thinking her day was useless. “I’m always given, even if it’s in the smallest way, the gift of having the opportunity to help somebody. How many people can say that? I’m thrilled and happy because this is exactly where I belong.”

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